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Peterson neighbor Sharon Bychowski never doubted his guilt

Drew and Stacy Peterson's next door neighbor Sharon Bychowski joined Good Day to talk about what it was like watching this trial unfold, and how she never doubted his guilt in the murder of his third wife. More>>

BREAKING: Drew Peterson found guilty of murder

After three long years, a jury convicted Drew Peterson of murdering his third wife, Kathleen Savio, at 2:45 p.m. Thursday. Peterson, 58, could face 60 years in jail. More>>

Judge Jeanine Pirro reacts to Peterson verdict

Legal analyst and judge Jeanine Pirro reacts to the verdict delivered by the jury Thursday in the trial of Drew Peterson. More>>

Jurors release statement following verdict in Peterson trial

Ken Kaupas, deputy chief with the Will County sheriff's office, reads a statement from the jurors in the trial of Drew Peterson. More>>

Judge Stephen White, original Peterson Judge, reacts

Judge Stephen White, who was originally assigned to the Drew Peterson case, comments on the verdict. More>>

Pam Bosco, Stacy Peterson family spokesperson, gives family's reaction

Stacy Peterson family spokesperson Pam Bosco gives the family's reaction following Thursday's verdict in the trial of Drew Peterson. More>>

Sharon Bychowski, Neighbor of Drew Peterson, reacts to verdict

Sharon Bychowski, neighbor of Drew Peterson, reacts to the guilty verdict. Sharon lived next door to Drew and Stacy Peterson. More>>

Dr. Michael Boden Reaction, Performed Savio Autopsy

Dr. Michael Boden, who performed the autopsy on Kathleen Savio, reacts to the verdict in the Drew Peterson trial. Drew Peterson was found guilty in the death of Kathleen Savio, who was found in her dry bathtub in February of 2004. More>>

Savio family reacts to Peterson verdict

The family of Kathleen Savio reacts following Thursday's verdict in the trial of former Bolingbrook police officer Drew Peterson. More>>

Final hearing before Peterson trial focuses on evidence


Attorneys in the Drew Peterson murder case discussed motions regarding evidence in a final hearing on Wednesday before trial begins next week. More>>

Drew Peterson won't appeal hearsay rulings to speed trial

Updated: Apr 24, 2012 17:05 PM CDT

Drew Peterson won't fight a recent appellate court ruling allowing additional hearsay statements to be used against him when he stands trial for the 2004 drowning death of his third wife — a decision that could speed up his trial date. More>>

Drew Peterson Pen Pal, Diana Grandel, Reveals Extent of Romantic Relationship

She's now known as the love letter lady friend of Drew Peterson. Diana Grandel doesn't apologize for writing to the accused wife-killer. In fact, she admits to being a prolific pen pal with Peterson, estimating they... More>>

Drew Peterson Writing Love Letters to Woman from Jail: Report

It would seem Drew Peterson is working on a love connection, even from jail, according to a new report. The accused murderer reportedly has been sending some racy messages to a woman he's known for several years. More>>

Peterson Wants Public out of Hearing

Drew Peterson wants the public kept out of a key hearing this Friday. More>>

Drew Peterson Sues Chase Over Credit

Drew Peterson is suing JP Morgan Chase in federal court. Peterson’s lawyer Walter Maksym joined us on Good Day Chicago to talk about the lawsuit. More>>

Expert: 'Drew's Law' a 'Dangerous Law'

Over the past three and a half weeks, prosecutors have laid out their case against Drew Peterson, in an extraordinary pre-trial hearing that's raised serious debate about the state's new hearsay law. More>>

Father of Drew Peterson Love Interest Concerned Over Letter

Drew Peterson’s love letters from jail are raising concerns for the father of another woman who Peterson has professed his love for, Ernie Raines. More>>

Psychic: Stacy Said Drew Threatened Her

Bombshell testimony came Thursday in the Drew Peterson hearsay evidence hearing. For the first time, a witness testified about an alleged death threat Drew Peterson made to his missing fourth wife Stacy. Previous witnesses... More>>

Peterson's Stepbrother: Always Assumed He Killed Savio

The State’s star witness took the stand Thursday and offered explosive testimony in the case against Drew Peterson. Tom Morphey, Peterson’s step-brother, testified about what he says was his involvement in the disappearance... More>>

Evidence Could Make, Break Peterson Case

The picture being painted of Drew Peterson is one prosecutors hope will eventually convince a jury that he's responsible for the murder of his third wife Kathleen Savio. More>>

Judge Sets Drew Peterson Jury Selection Date

Will County Judge Stephen White on Tuesday scheduled jury selection for the Drew Peterson case to begin on Monday, June 14, according to the Will County State's Attorney's office. More>>

Two Drew Peterson Attorneys Leaving Case

With just two months to go before Drew Peterson goes on trial for the murder of his third wife Kathleen Savio, there's been a major shakeup in his defense team. On Wednesday two lawyers who took part in the month long... More>>

Drew Peterson Seeks Release from Jail Pending During Appeal

Drew Peterson’s attorneys are asking for the former Bolingbrook cop to be released from the Will County Jail while an Illinois Appellate Court considers his murder case. More>>

Defense Motions Could Delay Peterson Trial

Drew Peterson's jury is supposed to be picked in exactly a month and a day, but his lawyers are poised to launch a barrage of paperwork that could push back the disgraced former cop's murder trial. More>>

Drew's Peterson's Motorcycle on eBay

A piece of the Drew Peterson -- and the Harley-Davidson -- lifestyle can be yours if you score the high bid on an eBay auction for his motorcycle. More>>

Drew Peterson's Defense Team Gathers For Strategy Session

In less than a month, Drew Peterson will go on trial for the 2004 murder of his third wife Kathleen Savio. On Monday, Peterson's new defense team gathered for a strategy session. More>>

Drew Peterson Lawyers Seek Trial Delay

Lawyers for Drew Peterson head to court Friday, trying to get a delay in Peterson's trial, scheduled to begin June 14. More>>

Drew Peterson Lawyers Ask for 2-Month Trial Delay

A judge will decide next week whether to delay the trial of a former Bolingbrook police officer accused of murder in the death of a former wife. More>>

Drew Peterson Trial Delayed

A judge agreed Wednesday to reschedule the start of former Bolingbrook police officer Drew Peterson's murder trial for July 8, but made it clear this would be the final delay to the proceedings. More>>

Attorney Joel Brodsky Talks About Drew Peterson Case

The people who miss Stacy Peterson have never set foot in the overgrown countryside near Peoria but emotionally this is very familiar terrain. More>>

Many False Leads in Stacy Peterson Investigation: Brodksy

Crews searching for evidence of Stacy Peterson have come up empty so far after investigators say they received a credible tip in the case. State police are now reportedly waiting for sophisticated equipment to help in the... More>>

Drew Peterson Tries to Prevent Movie About Himself

Drew Peterson is trying to prevent a television movie about the disappearance of his fourth wife and death of his third wife . More>>

Drew Peterson Attorneys Want Answers About Peoria Dig

The state police are trying to keep a lid on why they were poking around Peoria for the body of Stacy Peterson, but the lawyers for the missing mother's husband want to pry that information free. More>>

Judge Wants Autopsy Video Turned Over to Defense in Peterson Trial

A Will County judge says if a videotape of an autopsy on the body of Drew Peterson's third wife isn't turned over to defense attorneys he may not allow the famous pathologist who conducted it to testify at Peterson's murder... More>>

Court Issues Drew Peterson Hearsay Ruling

In a decision that Drew Peterson's attorney called a "complete and utter victory," a state appeals court ruled Tuesday that prosecutors will not be allowed to admit eight of the 14 hearsay statements they wanted to use in... More>>

Hearsay Ruling Might Put Case Against Drew Peterson in Jeopardy

Experts say the case against former suburban Chicago police sergeant Drew Peterson in the death of his third wife may be in big trouble. More>>

Drew Peterson Attorneys Question Baden Autopsy, Peoria Search

Attorneys for Drew Peterson are trying to get a renowned pathologist removed from the witness list after details emerged regarding the autopsy done by Dr. Michael Baden. More>>

Judge Allows Savio Autopsy in Drew Peterson Trial

Drew Peterson's defense team was dealt a setback in court Friday when a judge denied their request to prevent a key prosecution witness from testifying. More>>

Judge Keeping Peterson Trial About Savio: Greenberg

Jury selection in the Drew Peterson trial begins Thursday. Peterson is accused of murdering his third wife, Kathleen Savio. Still at issue in the trial is how much hearsay evidence will be allowed. More>>

Peterson Defense Wants Methodical Jurors: Andrews

Jury selection begins Thursday for Drew Peterson, who is on trial for the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. Joining us to talk about what attorneys may be looking for in a juror was jury consultant Cindy Andrews. More>>

Drew Peterson Trial: Three Things Each Side Needs to do, to Win the Case

Jury selection is set to begin Thursday in the trial of Drew Peterson for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. More>>

Drew Peterson Trial Delayed; Peterson Could Be Released Thursday

The Drew Peterson murder trial is being delayed again, this time at the request of prosecutors, and now the defense team has filed a motion to get Peterson out of jail. More>>

Drew Peterson to Remain in Jail During Trial Delay, Judge Rules

Drew Peterson went into court Thursday holding on to the hope that he might walk out of court a free man while prosecutors appealed the judge's decision about what hearsay evidence would be admitted at his murder trial. More>>

No Evidence Changed in Peterson Case: Greenberg

There was a lot of action in the Drew Peterson case this week. The trial was supposed to begin, but instead was put on hold. Criminal defense attorney and member of the Peterson defense team Steve Greenberg joined us. More>>

Peterson Lawyers: Prosecution Took Too Long on Hearsay

Prosecutor's dawdled too long before appealing a ruling on hearsay evidence, Drew Peterson's lawyers are claiming in a motion to be filed today in appellate court. More>>

Drew Peterson's Attorneys: Prosecutors Waited Too Long To Appeal Hearsay Ruling

Prosecutors dawdled too long before appealing a ruling on hearsay evidence, Drew Peterson's lawyers are claiming in a motion to be filed on Wednesday in appellate court. More>>

Drew Peterson Likely Murdered Wives: Judge

Judge Stephen White, who is overseeing the Drew Peterson case, ruled that the Peterson likely did murder his third and fourth wives, according to a new report. More>>

Drew Peterson's Attorney, Joel Brodsky, Pushes for Gun Charge to be Dropped

One of Drew Peterson's lawyers pushed to have the disgraced former cop's felony gun charge dropped but won't get to plead his case for another month. More>>

Drew Peterson Prosecutors Petition to Appeal Ruling on Hearsay Statements

The fight over what evidence can be used against Drew Peterson is now headed to the Illinois Supreme Court. More>>

Drew Peterson Team Again Asks for Release from Jail

Lawyers for Drew Peterson are asking the Illinois Supreme Court to release the former Bolingbrook police sergeant accused of murder from jail, saying prosecutors' appeal to the court has delayed his trial. More>>

Illinois State Police Search For Stacy Peterson Near Galesburg

Illinois State Police involved in the Stacy Peterson investigation say they've searched an area near Galesburg. More>>

Drew Peterson Writes on Life in Jail

Drew Peterson has a lot of time on his hands in jail, and he's used it to write a letter to Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed. More>>

Drew Peterson Appeal Denied; Will Stay in Jail

Murder suspect Drew Peterson will remain in jail, and he may be there a long time after an Illinois appeals court denied a request that he go free while he awaits trial. More>>

Illinois Supreme Court Rules Drew Peterson Will Stay in Jail While Awaiting Trial

The Illinois Supreme Court says Drew Peterson must stay in jail while he fights charges that he murdered his third wife, Kathleen Savio. More>>

Peterson's Son Fights Allegations of Improper Gun Storage for Dad

Departmental allegations that Drew Peterson’s police officer son improperly held several guns for his father after Stacy Peterson’s disappearance in 2007 are being refuted by him. More>>

Drew Peterson: Malicious Prosecution of Son Stephen is Endangering My Other Kids

Drew Peterson sent a letter to a Sun-Times columnist to get out a message about his children. Peterson wrote to Michael Sneed about the challenges facing his four youngest children, who are currently in the custody of an... More>>

Drew Peterson Gun Case to be Decided in October

Drew Peterson had a small gun, but his lawyers say there's nothing wrong with that. Peterson's legal team summed up its arguments to have his felony gun case tossed before it goes to trial, but the judge presiding over it is... More>>

Attorney Reem Odeh Leaving Drew Peterson Defense Team

Conflict among the attorneys representing accused murderer Drew Peterson has prompted one to quit the team. More>>

Drew Peterson Judge Stephen White Retiring

The judge in the Drew Peterson case is retiring, which could throw the case into more turmoil. More>>

Drew Peterson to Stay in Jail While Case on Appeal

Drew Peterson has lost another attempt to be released from jail. More>>

Oak Park Police Chief Wants Drew Petersons Son Stephen Fired

The police chief in Oak Brook is recommending that Drew Peterson's son be fired from his job as a police officer. More>>

Prosecutor Won't Appeal Drew Peterson Decision, Stephen Peterson to Continue on Pay

Drew Peterson beat the felony gun rap prosecutors tried hanging on him for nearly two and a half years, but his cop son’s troubles are just starting. More>>

Oak Brook to Decide on Drew Petersons Son Potential Firing

The Police and Fire Board in Oak Brook met Tuesday to decide whether to fire the son of murder suspect Drew Peterson from the police force. More>>

Oak Brook Police Chief: Remove Stephen Peterson from Force

Oak Brook's police chief wants Drew Peterson's son Stephen to be thrown off the force, but that decision won't be made until next month. More>>

IL Supreme Court Orders Appellate Court to Reconsider Drew Peterson Hearsay Case

The Illinois Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered an appellate court to take another look at whether disputed evidence can be used against ex-cop Drew Peterson when his murder trial begins. More>>

Drew Peterson Demands Apology from Police

Drew Peterson said police owe him an apology after a woman who was missing in Washington State for 18 years has turned up alive and well. More>>

Trailer Released for Lifetime's Drew Peterson Movie Starring Rob Lowe

Lifetime has released a trailer for the TV movie about Drew Peterson, which stars Rob Lowe as Peterson. More>>

Drew Peterson Finds Movie Trailer Hilarious, Lawyer Says

Lifetime has released a trailer for the TV movie about Drew Peterson, which stars Rob Lowe as Peterson. More>>

Drew Peterson's Son Stephen Peterson Firing Decision Delayed

Oak Brook fire and police commissioners have delayed a decision about whether to fire Drew Peterson's son, Stephen. More>>

Drew Petersons Son Thomas Wants Off Kathleen Savio Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Drew Peterson's attorney said he'll file a document taking the name of Peterson's son off a wrongful death lawsuit. More>>

Drew Petersons Son Thomas Stands By His Father

Now that Drew Peterson's son has reached the age of 18, he's coming out defending his father. Tommy Peterson said he wants his name dropped from a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Kathleen Savio's family on behalf of... More>>

Drew Peterson Hearing Will be Televised

A critical hearing in the Drew Peterson murder case puts the former Bolingbrook Police sergeant back in the spotlight Wednesday before the 3rd District Appellate Court in Ottawa. More>>

Fictional Lifetime Movie About Drew Peterson Premieres

Tonight Lifetime aired "Drew Peterson: Untouchable," the fictionalized story of the accused wife killer. Today, Peterson watched the movie while sitting in jail. Relatives of one of his alleged victims were also watching. More>>

Prosecutors Ask to Keep Hearsay Evidence in Drew Peterson Trial

An attorney for former suburban Chicago police officer Drew Peterson on Wednesday railed against letting lawyers use statements from an estranged wife at Peterson's upcoming trial on charges he murdered his third wife. More>>

Drew Peterson Movie Untouchable Pulls Down Big Ratings

The Lifetime made-for-TV Drew Peterson movie Untouchable brought in the ratings on Saturday night. More>>

Drew Peterson Feels Good About Hearing: Joel Brodsky

In the Drew Peterson murder trial, it was the first time a court in the state has allowed live coverage of a hearing. Attorneys were arguing about the admissibility of hearsay evidence that prosecutors want to present at the... More>>

Hearsay Evidence to be Allowed in Trial of Drew Peterson


Dealing a crucial setback to Drew Peterson, an Illinois appellate court has ruled prosecutors can present additional hearsay evidence implicating the former Bolingbrook cop in the drowning death of More>>

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