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Chicago's Most Wanted: Masked Bandit


This bank robber was captured by security cameras on both occasions wearing the same outfit, and it appears, the same mask. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: 2013 year-ender


2013 has been a busy year for the FBI in the hunt for dangerous criminals, bank robbers and elusive fugitives. More>>

Chicago`s Most Wanted: Leeson Taylor


This was a murder that happened in Chicago in August 1976. Catherine Taylor was shot numerous times during a domestic dispute outside her home. She later died from her injuries. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: Vidal Rodriguez


This week's Chicago's Most Wanted is thought to be involved in a murder that happened in May 2012 in unincorporated Palatine. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: Shady Bandit


This week's Chicago's Most Wanted is known as the Shady Bandit, due to her penchant for wearing sunglasses during her three holdups. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: Eric Secundino


This is one of those cases where solving it is going to require a tip from someone who knows where the suspect is hiding. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: Hooded bandit


This is a bank robber who has operated in the Northwest suburbs, starting in February. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: Evanston bank robber


This bank robber seems to strike once a month. He started in September, robbed again in October and now may be planning his next holdup. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: Gerard Liles


This was a federal investigation that went after a number of alleged drug dealers working on the west and south sides of Chicago. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: North Community Bank branch takeover robbery


Bank security cameras often capture good images of bank robbers, but sometimes that's not enough to bring about an arrest. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: Chase Bank robber


With security cameras everywhere in banks, you might think that would discourage would-be robbers. But here's a case of someone who did not seem to care about the cameras during a holdup. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: Rodrigo Ortega


Rodrigo Ortega is wanted for crimes police say he committed nearly three years ago. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: Hector Dondiego


This is one of those crimes that has left the victims scarred for life. The individual the FBI is looking for is a man by the name of Hector Dondiego. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: TCF Bank robbers


Bank employees came face-to-face with the most dangerous type of bank robbers: two men armed with guns, pointing them right at the tellers. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: Lansing bank robbery


Two bank employees were injured when three men robbed a bank in south suburban Lansing on Aug. 22.

Chicago's Most Wanted: Oak Lawn bank robber


In this case, the robber did nothing to hide who he was, and wore a very distinguishing hat during his robbery. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: Roco "Rocky" Cervantes


Roco Cervantes, who is also known as Rock or Rocky, was charged in a criminal complaint earlier this year with conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: Alexander Colon Ortiz


Drugs are the major source of money for gangs, and a man who police say was caught red-handed is now on the run. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: Samuel Nunez


The continued violence we see on the streets of Chicago is, according to police, a result of the kind of criminal activity that Samuel Nunez is charged with committing. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: McKinley Park bank robbers


There is one person for sure who could solve this case, but that person is not talking, so the FBI is looking for the public's help. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: Western Ave bank robber


The FBI says on June 25th a man walked into the Fifth Third Bank at 7574 North Western Avenue in Chicago, walked up to the bank teller, showed a handgun and demanded cash. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: Pedro Garcia


We first publicized the case of Pedro Garcia nearly three years ago, but leads did not pan out and he remains on the run. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: Halloween mask robber


This case has languished in the unsolved bin for two main reasons: the robber struck only once, and he was very careful to hide his identity. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: Brown Bag Bandit


The FBI is calling this individual the Brown Bag Bandit because in all his robberies he entered banks and handed the tellers notes written on brown lunch bags. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: TCF Bank Bandit


The FBI is calling this individual the TCF Bank Bandit. It says, since last summer, he has robbed at least four banks and all the robberies took place at TCF banks. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: Arnoldo Jimenez


This is a case that could be solved by someone on a vacation. At least that's what the FBI is hoping as they once again seek the public's help in tracking down Arnoldo Jimenez. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: Jimmie Sessom


The FBI and Chicago Police targeted a group of individuals now charged with running a heroin distribution operation on Chicago's Near West Side. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: Jose Vicente Huerta


Chicago police and the FBI consider this individual a danger to young girls after an attack seven years ago. But he has managed to be very elusive. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: The 'Bully Bandit'


He has been dubbed the Bully Bandit because of his confrontational attitude, which recently escalated. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: Juan Quezada


Juan Quezada is an individual the FBI considers a real danger to the community based on not one, but two alleged assaults on children. More>>

Chicago's Most Wanted: Paris Poe


The FBI is looking for Paris Poe, a Chicago man who was initially convicted in Cook County for aggravated battery and robbery. More>>

FBI agents seek the 'two-faced bandit'

Updated: Mar 23, 2012 19:45 PM CDT

Some bank bandits don't seem to care about security cameras when they walk in and demand money. But others go to great lengths to disguise their identity. More>>

FBI agents hunt for drug courier

Updated: Mar 31, 2012 21:15 PM CDT

The FBI says Miguel Hernandez was a member of the Chicago-based cell of the Zetas Mexican drug cartel and his role in the organization was a courier. More>>

FBI dramatically increases reward for two bank robbers

Updated: Apr 06, 2012 17:48 PM CDT

FOX Chicago News first told you about this holdup on March 10. But due to growing concerns about the two men responsible, and what might happen if they rob another bank, the FBI has dramatically increased the reward. More>>

FBI searches for illegal immigrant charged with aggravated DUI

Updated: Apr 13, 2012 14:33 PM CDT

On June 8, 2011, 66-year-old William McCann was walking along Kedzie Avenue in Logan Square when he was hit by a vehicle the FBI said was driven by Saul Chavez. More>>

FBI searches for pair who held up Berwyn Bank

Updated: Apr 20, 2012 23:29 PM CDT

A pair of bandits who made an attempt to disguise their identity really did not do that good a job. More>>

FBI looks for man who fled cocaine charge

Updated: Apr 27, 2012 25:05 PM CDT

This week's Most Wanted is a man by the name of Jesus Maria Carreno-Lechuga.

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