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Landscaping your yard from Pike Nurseries

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Good Day Atlanta's Gurvir Dhindsa's home gets a landscaping makeover with these tips from Pike Nurseries. Melodie McDanal of Pike Nurseries shows her how!

Segment 1: Fence Line

  • Sunlight
    • This area is covered with large trees so it's an area that receives a lot of shade

      • Partial shade: Sun is filtered, usually by leaves and foliage, and peeks through for most of the day.
      • Shade: Area receives less than 3 hours of sun and is shady for most of the day.
  • Style
    • Consider what the area looks like, the style of your home, the style of the interior of your home and start channeling your inner design star
    • Here we are going to play off the fence, the wooden wheel and that fact that there are horses
      • With these items in mind we are going to keep it a very casual country feel that is low maintenance since there is a lot of land
  • Tall Plants/Elements
    • Start at the back of the garden and play with taller elements
      • If this was an area that you didn't see you could plant full, tall  trees to create privacy
      • This area is cute and you want to see the building so we're going to add in just a few taller items to give the landscape depth
      • Tall Elements 
        • Hydrangeas
        • Cast Iron
  • Medium Plants/Elements
    • The medium height plants are where you get the bulk of a garden of this size
    • Fun Elements
      • Add a bench or bistro set to give the garden more personality and also make it very functional
    • Repetition
      • Repetition is a design element that makes landscapes visually pleasing
      • Use repletion in flower or foliage color, foliage size or shape, similar plants throughout the landscape
    • Medium Plants
      • Autumn Ferns
      • Vines (will create a continuous backdrop and play up the fence)
        • Sweet autumn clematis
        • Evergreen clematis
  • Short Plants
    • Plant the shortest plants at the front of your garden or along a pathway
    • The front of the garden is the best place for a punch of color which is easily achieved with seasonal annuals
    • Short Plants
      • Gumpo Azaleas
      • Heuchera (commonly called Coral Bells)
      • Hostas
      • Double Begonias
      • New Guinea Impatiens
  • Mulch
    • Mulching your garden is important for several reasons
      • Helps with moisture retention in the soil
      • Slowly breaks down adding organic matter to the soil
      • Gives landscapes a finished look
    • Mulch Options
      • Pine straw is ideal for large area since it's very economical
      • Mulch nuggets are great for a cleaner look and come in a variety of sizes and colors

Front Door

  • Why the Front Door?
    • The front door is the main focal point or item that draws your eye on most homes
    • It's usually the door where guests enter your home and is their first impression
    • Sunlight
      • This house as a front porch so the front door is shaded.
      • Knowing the sunlight is once again the first step in helping us select plants
      • Scale
        • The front door is really the centerpiece of this design
          • The door is relatively tall so when you choose pots you want them to be taller as well.
            • You don't want a lot of negative space where you see the siding between your container garden and the light fixtures
          • When selecting a mat you want to look at the scale as well
            • There are side windows which give the door more width so a standard mat would be too small
            • Repetition
              • Play off the colors that are already there
                • We could go with a glazed pot with burgundy to play off the door or we could go with a dark neutral pot to play off the shutters

  • We are going to choose plants that have repetition in their color, leaf size and pull in the white trim

  • Container Gardens
    • Just like in the landscape we are choosing a combination of plants that serve as a thriller, filler and spiller
    • Thriller Plants
      • Cast Iron
      • Fatsherdera

  • Filler Plants
    • New Guinea Impatiens
    • Begonias
    • Coleus

  • Bulbs
    • Add bulbs into container gardens so that as the season progresses the containers get more personality
      • Caladium
      • Elephant's Ear

  • Accessories
    • Dress up your pots for different holidays or just give them some uniqueness by mixing in things other than plants
      • Bunnies for Easter
      • Decorative globes
      • Garden Stakes
  • Hanging Elements
    • Large front porches lend themselves to being dressed up in many different ways
    • Boston Ferns
    • Hanging Baskets
    • Lanterns

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